ATAD - The steel structure contractor of Phu Cat Airport Expansion, part 2

2017-09-04 10:49:31

Part 2: Phu Cat Airport’s special roof drainage system

In part 2, we continue to introduce the unique roof architecture and roof construction at Phu Cat Airport Terminal.

It will have two floors with a design concept based on “Dan Nam Giao” – a shrine where the emperors used to held ceremonies during the spring in central Thua Thien Hue province. The first floor is square-shaped, which symbolizes the earth, while the second floor is round-shaped, symbolizing the sky. In the center of the terminal is an atrium, to allow in light and fresh air. Grass and trees will be planted on the balcony of the first floor, which will help moderate the atmosphere and temperature inside the terminal while at the same time creating a scenic green space.

As the steel structure contractor of the project, ATAD will apply the optimal solution for design, manufacturing and erection of roofing system that achieves sustainable architectural aesthetic as well as creates a wide space to plant tree on roof. With extensive knowledge and experience in the steel structure industry and the professional management, ATAD project team has erected successfully the scope of roof framing system.

The circular flat roof makes it difficult to install the rain drainage system. We need to apply the solution which meets both requirements: an effective and proper drainage system, especially in the harsh weather of Central Vietnam and highly architectural aesthetic.

By applying new technologies, ATAD engineers found the optimal solution: rain water from roofs is drained through pipes concealed in the steel pipe columns and taken out at the ground level. Drainage pipes are fabricated and concealed in steel pipes at ATAD factory where we can control the fabrication process with strict quality standard. Using fewer pieces of system means fewer connections, and so fabrication and erection times are reduced. The dimensions of the rainwater downpipes and the number of rainwater downpipes are calculated very carefully to have good drainage capacity. In addition, this rainwater harvesting system facilitates the irrigation of green roof plants.

This August, ATAD has reached major milestones that we are able to complete this project in accordance with the schedule and meet all the requirements from the investor. This achievement also helps other joint-venture contractors to implement tasks on schedule.

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