ATAD Dong Nai achieves both LEED Gold and LEED Platinum certification

ATAD is proud of receiving LEED Platinum certification on ATAD Dong Nai factory office and LEED Gold certification on our ATAD Dong Nai factory. LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is the world’s most preeminent program for the design,…
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Dawn unveiling for Baha'i Battambang temple design

2017-09-21 17:30:53
After two years of construction, the local Baha'i house of worship in Battambang, Cambodia was officially inaugurated on September 2,…
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ATAD – the steel structure contractor of Phu Quoc airport expansion

2017-09-13 14:55:08
In recent years, the output of passengers through Phu Quoc international airport has grown very fast with a highly average…
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ATAD has implemented Rise Sun factory project

2017-09-06 16:22:59
In 2017, Rise Sun textile and garment factory project was kicked off in Thanh Thanh Cong Industrial Park, Trang Bang…
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ATAD - The steel structure contractor of Phu Cat Airport Expansion, part 2

2017-09-04 10:49:31
Part 2: Phu Cat Airport's special roof drainage system In part 2, we continue to introduce the unique roof architecture…
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ATAD - the steel structure contractor of Phu Cat airport expansion

2017-08-25 17:39:42
Part 1: Advanced steel structure technologies have been applied in Vietnam for the first time Opened 51 years ago, Phu Cat Airport…
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Insulate your steel building: Things you need to know

2017-08-22 15:50:08
In steel building construction, insulation addresses 2 important goals: stabilizing the structure’s interior temperature and preventing moisture from entering or…
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ATAD has implemented Taekwang factory of the Korea’s leading shoes manufacturer

2017-08-18 17:15:26
Located at at Hung Phu 2B Industrial Park, Can Tho City, Taekwang shoe-manufacturing factory was invested by Taekwang Group with…
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ATAD has implemented Sanaky Binh Duong factory

2017-08-10 15:43:21
Founded in 1997, Sanaky has gradually become a famous trademark of Vietnam in household electrical appliances and transformers. In early…
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