Steel Structure Introduction

Steel Structure – The Future of Structure

If you’re looking for the most cost-effective building type, it’s important to consider your potential long-term savings along with your initial investment in any shape of structures, let’s think about steel structure.

What is steel structure?

Steel structure is a metal structure which is made of structural steel* components connect with each other to carry loads and provide full rigidity. Because of the high strength grade of steel, this structure is reliable and requires less raw materials than other types of structure like concrete structure and timber structure.

In modern construction, steel structures is used for almost every type of structure including heavy industrial building, high-rise building, equipment support system, infrastructure, bridge, tower, airport terminal, heavy industrial plant, pipe rack, etc.

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steel structureCheng Loong Project steel structure projectDa Nang International Airport Project structural steelEmpire City Showroom Project

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*Structural steel is steel construction material which fabricated with a specific shape and chemical composition to suit a project’s applicable specifications.

Depending on each project’s applicable specifications, the steel sections might have various shapes, sizes and gauges made by hot or cold rolling, others are made by welding together flat or bent plates. Common shapes include the I-beam, HSS, Channels, Angles and Plate.

structural steel sample

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Main structural types

  • Frame structures: Beams and columns
  • Grids structures: latticed structure or dome
  • Prestressed structures
  • Truss structures: Bar or truss members
  • Arch structure
  • Arch bridge
  • Beam bridge
  • Cable-stayed bridge
  • Suspension bridge
  • Truss bridge: truss members

5 reasons why steel structure is the best choice?

1. Cost savings

Steel structure is the cost leader for most projects in materials and design. It is inexpensive to manufacture and erection, requires less maintenance than other traditional building methods.

2. Creativity

Steel has a natural beauty that most architects can’t wait to take advantage of. Steel allows for long column-free spans and you can have a lot of natural light if you want it in any shape of structures.

3. Control and Management

Steel structures is fabricated at factory and rapidly erected at construction site by skilled personnel that makes safe construction process. Industry surveys consistently demonstrate that steel structures is the optimal solution in management.

4. Durability

It can withstand extreme forces or harsh weather conditions, such as strong winds, earthquakes, hurricanes and heavy snow. They are also unreceptive to rust and, unlike wood frames, they are not affected by termites, bugs, mildew, mold and fungi.

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How to build a steel structure building with ATAD?

Each of ATAD’s steel structures building is tailor-made to meet the needs of our customers with high performance, efficiency and international quality standards.
If you are looking for a competitive price and best quality steel structure contractor, please contact ATAD for our advice. We are ready to answer any questions regarding your projects.
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