Compensation & Benefits

ATAD guarantee to fulfill compensation and benefits package seriously and fairly. Employee’s recognition is not simply just compensated from monthly salary but also in conjunction with different promising compensation and benefits packages.

  • Leave for absent: 12 days for annual leave + 1 day for employee’s birth month
  • Insurance policy: 24/24 Accident insurance, health insurance, periodic health examination
  • Allowance: Lunch, gasoline, phone
  • Social Policy: birthday present, parental leave,
  • Bonus: Productivity bonus, Project bonus, Year-end bonus, innovation reward….
  • Activities: Conference, annual team building activities from different departments, company trips
  • Utilities: ATAD’s library, ATAD family social network.


At ATAD, we will setup specific milestones in career based on your capability and performance. Employee’s career will develop alongside with the growth of company


We are committed to attracting, recruiting and retaining talents. With a young and ambitious workforce, we provide learning opportunities through various training programs. We have Sales management trainee program where young talented Sales engineers participate in a well-tailored “mini MBA training courses” to grow professional Sales managers in the future.

We implement a robust learning and development plan with a variety of training courses for staff to join and improve both their professional and personal skills. The company set an annual Training KPI as: every member has to complete at least 36 hours of being trained and every manager has to deliver at least 12 hours of training per year.

Besides internal training, we provide professional and soft skill training courses for all staff. These courses are delivered by top domestic and foreign training experts. Recently, we have cooperated strategically with ELSA Speak – the world’s leading English speaking and communication application using Artificial Intelligence, to improve English proficiency of company staff

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