Discovering The Mountain-Forest-Sea-Island And Cultural Heritages In Da Nang City, Hoi An, Hue

2011-03-28 17:35:15

“Central heritage road” is one of the well known road that liking a series of the world heritages in central of Viet Nam. This place collects a lot of culture with feature creativities of the central people in Viet Nam includes: Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park, Hue City, My son Holy land, Hoi An, LuangPrabang, Angkor Wat population. The dense and famous heritages make this road become strange beautifully. Hoi An_gentle, unique, Hue city_ classical, dreamy, My Son holy land mysteries waiting to be explored. One step of tourists could bright them the new knowledge of the new country and people in Viet Nam. Because of this attractive and exclusive road, ATAD Steel Structure Corporation did not hesitate to choose Da Nang City. The ideal place for all staffs as well as steering committees had a chance to play hard, get rid of the business office stuffs, mix with the gentle sunlight and the peace breeze of this place. The main purposes were let all forces could get back the time they spent on their job, recover their health, their mental and create team work, raise the working morale after a long time working hard. The three days journey has been occurred smoothly and wonderfully in the middle of March. Although the journey has ended, it still left unforgettable memories in our heart.

Around 100 members “ATAD determine to discover the heritage way” with slogan “Work hard, play hard”DSC_6855b_resize DSCN8545_resizeA face radiant with smiles meant that the journey was tired but very happy and promised lots new pleasure and new victoriesDSCN8644_resizeATAD group passed by Quang Chau pagoda at Quang Chau commune , Hoa Vang ward, Da Nang citydanang4_resizeVisiting the conserved heritage in Thien Mu pagodadanang5_jpg_resizeTaking a picture of ATAD group at My Son Holy land

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