ATAD Took Part In Movement Of Sport To Welcome Youth Union Of Ho Chi Minh Anniversary Day

2009-03-26 16:46:17

On occasion of Anniversary day establishing Youth Union of Ho Chi Minh 26-03-2009, received an invitation to take part in the movement football prize by Department of Natural Resources and Environment Duc Hoa District, Long An Province, ATAD Steel Structure Corporation joined in,exchanged and learned experiences in the movement of sport as well as strengthening tighten solidarity of friendship with other units in the district.

Dabong_01Award results as the following, the entire group heads of the People& Committee of Duc Hoa district, the second is the Department of Natural Resources and Environment and the third is ATAD.

This is also the opportunity for brothers in the company to together practice sports, enhancing health, creating to engrossed spirit in the work.Dabong_05Dabong_09Here are some images of the prize:Dabong_06Dabong_03Dabong_08

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