ATAD - steel structure contractor of Hoa Phat - Dung Quat Steel complex

2018-10-26 11:44:14

Located at Dung Quat Economic Zone, Quang Ngai province, Hoa Phat Dung Quat iron and steel production complex project is an important strategic project of Hoa Phat Group which will affirm its leading steel manufacturing position in Southeast Asia.  The Complex has a total area of 378 ha with a total investment of VND 52,000 billion (almost USD 2 billion) capacity of 4 million tons/year, intended to produce mainly construction steel, premium rolled steel and hot rolled steel.

As a heavy industry project, especially for steel mills, the steel structure of the project is not only huge in size but also extremely complex in technical detail. These superstructures created many challenges in production, especially product packing and shipping process. To overcome these challenges,  besides modern manufacturing lines for oversized structure, ATAD factory team made many improvements and innovations to improve productivity, ensure quality and shorten production time.

At the construction site, ATAD erection team has tried their best with professional working attitude. For this project, the installation technique is completely different from other normal factory projects. All joints are welding joints and all steel components are heavy. The column installation does not use anchor bolts but steel columns are rammed directly into the concrete pits 3 m deep, and then, they are welded at the foot. This method requires extensive experience and professional construction techniques of the contractor.

At the recent, ATAD erection team has reached major milestones and meets all the requirements from the owner and supervisors.

Hoa Phat - Dung Quat Steel Complex 1 Hoa Phat - Dung Quat Steel Complex 2 Hoa Phat - Dung Quat Steel Complex 3
Hoa Phat - Dung Quat Steel Complex 4

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