ATAD officially operated the go-live ERP SAP 4HANA system

2019-01-04 17:44:34

On January 2, 2019, ATAD Steel Structure Corporation has officially operated the go-live ERP SAP 4HANA system. This system will bring a positive revolution in Company management system to help use ATAD resources effectively.

ATAD Steel Structure Corporation has officially operated the go-live ERP SAP 4HANA system.

After go-live, ATAD officially manages all works on one Information System All in One: ATAD ERP. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) SAP system includes many integrated management modules from Supplier Management, Purchasing Management, Inventory Management, Production Management, Sales Management, Accounting & Finance Management, Human Resource Management & Payroll, Project Management, etc.

The SAP ERP system’s goal is to combine the business processes of ATAD with the integrated multi-functional software system, aiming to provide a general overview of the company’s operations. Consistent and available information helps to make timely and effective decisions and performance assessing. This information is for all people and is shared on the whole system. The system also standardizes the professional procedures, construct the integrated procedure system to enhance the capacity and effectiveness in the company’s operation management. Available and truthful information helps leaders catch up with the actual working situation, thus support them in the process of making decisions on strategies and effective operation

ERP-SAP project is not a short-term project but it had been prepared for many years before we implemented the project. Especially, ATAD’s partners in this project are big names of Vietnam and the world with extensive experience and advanced technology. This is the dreams and expectations of Board of Directors for a fully-grown ATAD, eliminates weaknesses of the current system and optimizes Company resources. Therefore, we are focusing all company resources – knowledge, human, time, finance and energy to build a suitable ERP system for ATAD

“Go-live” is just the beginning point that the project members and BOD are looking forward to, more importantly, each member who uses the system daily must consider it as a useful tool, be active in using and adjusting to effectively operate the tool.

On behalf of ATAD Board of Directors, Mr. Nguyen Le Anh Tuan – General Director highly appreciated and sent warmest thanks to FPT team and ATAD project teams who gave the best efforts and overcame many challenges to contribute to the completion of the project and help operate the project on time.

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