ATAD Celebrated Ground-Breaking Ceremony Of Wet Tissue Diana Company

2009-07-28 15:18:11
In July 28th, 2009, ATAD Steel Structure Corporation cooperated with Sai Gon Kien Tao celebrate ground-breaking ceremony of wet tissue Diana company at Vinh Loc industrial park with 8000 square meters in area.

There were 60 guests included Vinh Loc industrial park management, Representative Diana Co., Sai Gon Kien Tao Co.,and ATAD at this event.
Through Diana – a well known trade mark about caring women products – a big investor is smart and more experienced in chosing contractor and project management, was chosen ATAD which supplied steel structure to this project. This demonstrated about the quality and ATAD brand which are trusted by customers.

And by this, ATAD commit to do on time and good quality this project in order to satisfy the Diana’s expectation.

Some pictures of ground-breaking ceremony below :

DSC01521 (1)

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