ATAD 15 years with impressive projects (Part 1)

2019-09-18 17:28:21

With 15 years of operation in the field of steel structure and pre-engineered steel buildings, ATAD has implemented more than 3000 projects in over 35 countries around the world. The number of projects, the project scale, the difficulty level increase year by year that demonstrates our steady growth.
Let’s look back at the impressive projects that have contributed to the reputation and strong ATAD brand today.

Passenger Terminal – Cam Ranh International Airport, Vietnam
Scale: 51,000 m2 – 9,500 ton

Cam Ranh International Terminal is the 4th largest airport in Vietnam. This is the first airport in Vietnam is honored to be TOP 5 Finalists of Routes Asia 2019 Marketing Awards and won 2 categories of Vietnam National Architecture Award 2018. The design and architecture of the new terminal were inspired from Salanganes’ nest, a symbol of Khanh Hoa Province. The roof of the terminal mimics the nest by featuring a repeated sequence of peaks and troughs, and curved in convex shape. 3D Skylight dome not only brings unique and beautiful architectural concepts for terminal but also allows wide space and full of natural light. With a total area of 51,000 m2 and a total steel volume of 9,500 ton, the project is a big challenge not only for the Erection Management Department but also for Factories and Technical Department. Besides that, it has a short timeline, high-quality product and site safety requirements from the investor and supervisors. With the steel spirit and relentless efforts, we overcame all challenges of complicate technique, tight schedule and harsh weather to achieve project’s success.

Passenger Terminal – Cat Bi International Airport, Vietnam

Scale: 15,630 m2

Cat Bi Airport was the first airport terminal project of ATAD. This new two-storey terminal was designed with the buffalo motif as Hai Phong is well known for its traditional buffalo fighting festival. The lounge roof features a wavy geometry and inclined edges that form the shape of “buffalo”. The success of this project confirmed ATAD’s top position in complex structures and highly aesthetic infrastructure projects.

Passenger Terminal – Da Nang International Airport, Vietnam

Scale: 25,000 m2 – 4,000 ton

Da Nang is the 3rd largest airport in Vietnam. Opening in May 2017, this international airport now becomes a new icon for the youthfulness and dynamism of Da Nang city. The terminal project has unique features of structure and architecture. Designed with its roof in form of a seagull, we erected huge rafter system up to 93 of meters length and weigh up to 120 tons. All components were welded and fitted-up at site but still met international quality standards.

Passenger Terminal – Wattay Airport, Laos
Scale: 10,800 m2

Wattay is the largest airport of Laos. The airport expansion includes a new domestic terminal and a new international terminal, which has a floor space of 11,930m2. The new design of international passenger terminal honors traditional Laos architecture with a three-layer roof. It is characterized by its huge pointed roofs made from flat tiles which are put down in successive layers, normally two or three, stopping only a few meters from the ground. Instead of using tiles as usual, ATAD provided solutions for fabricating and erecting steel structure which created a unique transfer from traditional materials to modern – steel panel roof.

Hoa Phat Steel Complex

Scale: 58,100 ton

As a heavy industry project, especially for steel mills – the king of heavy industry, the project steel structure is not only huge in size but also extremely complex in technical detail. ATAD was in charge of construction major steel structure items: cast-iron furnace, blast furnace, coke ovens, fan-station workshop, corridor conveyor system…with a volume of up to 58,100 tons. This project also has the highest volume of ATAD ever. To overcome challenges in fabrication and transportation, besides modern manufacturing line for oversized structure, ATAD team has made many improvements and innovations to improve productivity, ensure quality and shorten production time. With the tireless efforts from office to factory, to site, we continue to have one more successful project that meets all the requirements from the owner.



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