ATAD – the steel structure contractor of Phu Quoc airport expansion

2017-09-13 14:55:08

In recent years, the output of passengers through Phu Quoc international airport has grown very fast with a highly average growth rate of 40% per year. Therefore, the extension of passenger terminal and airport apron at Phu Quoc International Airport is very necessary to meet future growth in demand. In 2016, the Vietnam National Airports Corporation – ACV has invested in phase 2 of Phu Quoc International Airport and the project will complete in 2017

With huge experience in major airports projects such as Cat Bi international airport, Da Nang international airport, Phu Cat airport …, ATAD is chosen as the steel structure contractor of airport terminal expansion.  After completion, the passenger terminal area will increase from 24.325m2 to 36.167m2 and it is expected to handle 4 million passengers a year.

The airport terminal design shows the development of new and innovative steel-glass structures. Hybrid steel-glass beams, comprising of steel flanges and a glass web, and steel-supported glazing facade systems for buildings were applied.

Because the construction site has special terrain, ATAD team doesn’t apply conventional erection method. We will erect both ends of the terminal first and complete the erection at the center zone. This is a very complicated erection method that requires high accuracy standards. It should be accurately plumbed and square to insure correct alignment of the succeeding bays. Besides that, the terminal floor is difficult to access, so we uses 200-ton cranes to erect steel components from outside the floor border.

This September, ATAD erection team has reached major milestones and meets all the requirements from the investor.Phu Quoc Airport Expansion 1 Phu Quoc Airport Expansion 2 Phu Quoc Airport Expansion 3

Phu Quoc Airport Expansion 4

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