ATAD brought "Happy Mid-Autumn festival" to Long An children

2015-09-19 18:17:59

On September 19th , ATAD Steel Structure Corporation presented a lot of gifts to underprivileged children at Duc Hoa Thuong commune, Duc Hoa District Long An province..

This is one of the various activities to signify social responsibility of ATAD to communicate fully the message “Together create human values for the community and society”, which is based on one of 7 core values of ATAD: Responsibility.

Below are some pictures at the event:

Tthu_2015-anh_1Photo 1: Children excitedly clapped in event

Tthu_2015-anh_2Photo 2: Mr. Doan Van Anh – ATAD factory director presented gifts to children

Tthu_2015-anh_3Photo 3: Children were interesting to receive gifts.

Tthu_2015-anh_4Photo 4: Sweet innocent smiles of children

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