Project Factory Manufatured Organic Fertilizer

2009-09-27 18:05:28
Major in executing and installing industrial constructions like workshop, warehouse to high demand projects about technical design and large area.…
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ATAD Opened A Representative Office At Da Nang City.

2009-09-14 18:02:44
Vietnam is considered as potential areas for the investor not only in but also the oversea which come to do…
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ATAD And Bluescope Celebrated Trip To Update And Improve Information Of Tole Products

2009-08-29 14:18:30
Customers' needs are increasingly diverse, they update and also get the information quickly. Always listen to and develop with customers, ATAD…
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ATAD Was Contracted To Build The Two Largest Beer Breweries

2009-08-27 16:12:51
In August 2009, ATAD Steel Structure Corporation were contracted to build the two largest beer breweries in the central region…
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ATAD Finished Installing Minh Quy Cold Storage Project's Rafter

2009-07-30 14:57:16
At the end of July, ATAD Steel Structure Corporation finished installing Minh Quy cold storage project’s rafter in Ca Mau.…
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ATAD Celebrated Ground-Breaking Ceremony Of Wet Tissue Diana Company

2009-07-28 15:18:11
In July 28th, 2009, ATAD Steel Structure Corporation cooperated with Sai Gon Kien Tao celebrate ground-breaking ceremony of wet tissue…
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ATAD Was Admited Grade 1 Agency In Selling Toles By BLUESCOPE Steel Viet Nam

2009-07-01 15:29:03
With ATAD, a quality product is provided to customer that means the quality material of construction. In the last years,…
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ATAD Joined In Sport And Music Festival Of Competition In 2009

2009-05-28 15:44:50
Received the interest and created the condition from board of directors, trade unioncommittee orgnazined ATAD Steel Structure Corporation Sport and…
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ATAD Took Part In The Contest: “ Well Singer In Workers-Labors Duc Hoa District 2nd 2009

2009-05-24 14:10:31
Receiving the invitation of the Union board – Duc Hoa District, ATAD took part in the contest : “ Well…
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Nha Trang Travelling Trip

2009-04-05 16:08:01
On the Liberating South 30/04 and International Labor 01/05 anniversary, ATAD Steel Structure Corporation combined with ATAD Unions organizing the…
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ATAD Has Transferred Steel Structure Frame Of Vina Kraft Paper Mill

2009-04-02 17:12:30
After manufacturing and installing for 4 months, ATAD Steel Structure Corporation has completed using transference for a contractor Tan Viet…
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ATAD Unions Congress of 2009-2011 Term

2009-03-29 16:33:57
On 29.03.2009, the ATAD unions Congress occurred at the factory in 2 Binh Huu Hamlet, Duc Hoa Thuong Ward, Duc…
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