ATAD implements Angel Island Experience Gallery project

2020-11-26 16:25:14

Started construction in July 2020, Angel Island Experience Gallery is an important item of Nhon Phuoc tourist urban area project in Nhon Phuoc Island, Dong Nai Province, Viet Nam. This is one of the largest model houses in Vietnam so far and will be a place for customers to experience the facilities of Angel Island Nhon Phuoc project in the future.

In this project, ATAD was trusted to be selected as a contractor of detailed design, fabrication, and erection of steel structure items with a total volume of more than 1000 tons. This is a project with high technical difficulty, urgent construction progress, implementation time, and preparation work must be done almost in parallel to meet the progress of the Investor. The rafters and columns of the project are designed in a complex space, which is in the shape of Lily flowers with a wave-shaped roof to create a strikingly architectural highlight. 35meters complicated long pipe rafters which have over spans require a complex calculation sequence of every single member and a detailed plan to deploy fabricated drawings and manufacture of each component synchronously. It is crucial that the erection team need to arrange support systems for structures that are newly formed to ensure stability throughout the erection process. Besides that, this project is located on Nhon Phuoc Isle, so transportation of materials and equipment related to erection activities face many difficulties, which heavily depends on the tidal calendar.

With a perfect construction plan in close coordination between technical, detail, and erection management departments, ATAD has brought optimal construction solutions in terms of progress and cost for the project. Currently, ATAD has completed the steel structure of the items in charge and is in the process of roofing for the project under the committed schedule.

ATAD implements Angel Island Experience Gallery project

ATAD implements Angel Island Experience Gallery projectATAD implements Angel Island Experience Gallery projectATAD thực hiên dự án Trung tâm triển lãm trải nghiệm Đảo Tiên – Angel Island Experience Gallery
ATAD implements Angel Island Experience Gallery project

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