ATAD implemented Grain Terminal project

2019-02-27 17:12:16

Understanding the importance of the agricultural economy, the Myanmar government has placed a significant emphasis on improving the agricultural infrastructure and enhancing access to clean, affordable, and high-yielding seed & fertilizer in order to improve agricultural productivity more rapidly. Today, Myanmar has an open competitive fertilizer market dependent on imports for over 80% of the total market demand estimated at between 1.2 and 1.4 million product tons per annum.

Therefore, to decrease fertilizer costs for farmers, and so increase use and agricultural yields, the efficiency of the entire industry must be improved. This begins with increasing domestic production to meet demand.

As a steel structure contractor in Myanmar construction market, we are pleased to have the opportunity to implement Grain Terminal project at Thilawa SEZ – a fertilizer production project which will contribute to the development of local fertilizer market.

Fertilizer plants often require strict conditions for air quality and humidity. Therefore, ATAD has applied a specialized steel structure solution for stabilizing the structure’s interior temperature and preventing moisture from entering. We also have experience in fabricating all types of joint connections, whether they are all bolted, field welded moment joints or a combination of both to ensure durability and tightness of joints. We perform our own surveying and we also examine the structure during erection to maintain tolerances.

Currently, after successfully completed 100% frame installation, the project is continuing with the scope of installing sheeting and is expected to be completed on time.

Grain Terminal 1 Grain Terminal 2

Grain Terminal 3 Grain Terminal 4

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