ATAD Completed YIBEI Viet Nam Factory Project

2022-03-18 19:18:44

YIBEI is a company with 100% foreign investment specializing in interior design and furniture manufacture. To exand their business, YIBEI VIETNAM built their factory in VSIP II Industrial Park, Binh Duong, Vietnam

With intensive experience in the construction of industrial factory projects, ATAD has been trusted by the investor as a steel structure contractor to design, manufacture and erect projects with a scale of nearly 25,250 m2.

With comprehensive production capabilities combined with a team of experienced engineers at the site, ATAD has fully met the requirements of progress, quality and safety. The project is currently in the stage of completion and preparation to be handed over to the Owner.YIBEI Viet Nam

YIBEI Viet Nam YIBEI Viet Nam YIBEI Viet Nam YIBEI Viet Nam YIBEI Viet Nam YIBEI Viet Nam

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