ATAD implemented the $1-bilion project – Cheng Loong factory

2017-08-03 15:54:09

Cheng Loong is one of the biggest paper corporations in Taiwan with more than 50 years of experience in carton packaging and paper cutting industry, owning many modern, environmentally friendly factories all over the region. Cheng Loong is holding 29 paper packaging factories in the world and supplying to famous corporations such as Apple, Nike…

In 2015, Cheng Loong decided to invest in a new factory in Singapore Ascendas – Protrade Industrial Park, Ben Cat Commune, Binh Duong Province with a total area of 75 ha. The factory is expected to produce 1 million tons of industrial paper and 50,000 tons of consumer paper per year. It is the largest foreign direct investment project in Binh Duong province in 2015 and the second project which has the scale of 1 billion USD. According to Chairman of Cheng Loong Corporation in Taiwan Su Yun Cheng, the Binh Duong project is the firm’s biggest overseas project, as well as its biggest paper plant to date.

With this important project, the investor has chosen ATAD as a steel structure contractor in the scope of manufacturing and erection of phase 1 including: power station, pulp mill, paper mill. The project is a big challenge to contractors because of topographical features, technical requirements and strict timeline.

In terms of steel structure, the project has lots of heavy built-up steel components, complex and oversized structure components which are giant box beams measuring 4.5 x 4.5 x 15 meters and weighing up to 20 tons. These beams are manufactured by the huge box beam production line that only some special steel structure factories such as ATAD can own. In terms of erection, the project has a height of over 42 meters with huge workloads and complex structure while workshop items are placed closely adjacent to each other. Therefore, the project required ATAD’s highly experienced competency and professional management in construction site planning and erection.

At the end of July, ATAD is able to meet the project timeline that we erected successfully 42-meter-tall columns and continue to erect other categories of the project.  ATAD is committed to completing this project, perfectly in accordance with the schedule and respecting all the highest quality and safety requirements of the owner.

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