ATAD understands that human is a vital factor to the success and sustainable development of the Company. Therefore, we keep enhancing our working environment, focusing on developing human resources to deliver a real second home where they can live and work to the fullest

ATAD Cultural

Company culture is ATAD’s strength. It is the glue connecting all members, motivate everyone to try their best, contribute to the sustainable development of the Company. ATAD’s culture is shaped by 7 factors: Positive– Responsibility – Teamwork – Integrity – Prestige – Mindset – Discipline. We believe these core values will help every member to fully develop and unveil their potential.

  • Positive, responsibility, teamwork will bring forth a united ATAD, confident and ready for any challenges ahead to grasp on local and international markets.
  • Prestige, honesty: Each of every member in ATAD shares a common saying: “after dinner comes the reckoning”. Therefore, ATAD continues to generate the positive brand image to partners and clients.
  • Thought, discipline: are the keys to build a professional, creative working environment.

To ATAD each member plays important roles, working together and supports each other. All activities of each member in ATAD will lead to a common result that is to achieve SUCCESSFUL PROJECTS.

Working environment

ATAD is determined to creating a professional, friendly working environment to promote cooperation among employees. Therefore, helps each individual to reveal their potential.


The professional working environment in ATAD is built from positive attitude from employees in the company. All ATAD’s offices, facilities are equipped with specialized equipment and tools, alongside with spacious and modern infrastructure to create an efficient, safe working environment for employees.


All members of ATAD are treated, evaluated fairly through performance and working attitude. By applying “Key Performance Indicators” (KPIs)   and offer the attractive annual reward, the Company would like to show high appreciation to members with the fair treatment at work.

Dynamic – integration:

ATAD possessed an energized and passionate workforce, who is committed to delivering the best performance. The multi- national workforce plays an important role to accelerate global integration process of ATAD.

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