Signing cooperation with LILAMA 2 International Technology College

2021-05-05 14:51:30

To meet the demand for high-quality human resources of manufacturing factories, on May 5, 2021, ATAD signed a training cooperation agreement with LILAMA2 International College of Technology.

According to the cooperation agreement, based on the available potentials of the two sides, ATAD will receive students from the college to work at ATAD’s manufacturing factories. Besides, ATAD will conduct pilot training according to the school’s Cooperative Vocational Training model. This is a model built according to the requirements of companies based on a dual German model with a focus on practicing, helping students to improve their skills, and ensuring their ability to work after graduation. As the agreement, LILAMA2 will provide training and retraining programs for the Company’s technical staff and workers. At the same time, LILAMA2 will select and provide a list of high-quality graduates to meet ATAD’s recruitment needs.

The program in collaboration with LILAMA2 college is a commitment to sustainable development of ATAD in investing in training and developing high-quality technical human resources adapted to the innovation of technological and technical processes in the industry 4.0


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