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On the way of building an innovative green building and reducing energy costs, our designers always concerned about renewable energy. This is our effort to amplify the positive and mitigate the negative of impact on the environment throughout the entire life cycle of a building. All energy sources have some impact on our environment. Fossil fuels—coal, oil, and natural gas—do substantially more harm than renewable energy sources by most measures, including air and water pollution, damage to public health, wildlife and habitat loss, water use, land use, and global warming emissions. Therefore, the clean and renewable energy sources such as wind, solar, geothermal, hydroelectric, and biomass are becoming the first choices for green buildings. Solar energy Solar energy is one of cleanest, eco-friendly and unlimited energy resource in the world. It is known as the efficient alternative sources of energy for the future. The advantages of solar energy: Reduce electricity costs: Solar solution provides you energy independence and reduces your operation costs permanently. Long Lasting Solar Cells: The solar panels do not require maintenance and can last for decades. Energy Independence: Because energy from the sun is unlimited and free to everyone. With high power outputs you avoid rising energy costs and gain energy independence. Sustainable environmental protection: With your solar investment, your company makes a socially responsible contribution to protecting the environment and promoting sustainability. No Pollution Produced: Solar panels do not pollute or emit greenhouse gases in its using Easier expansion: PV systems are modular and can be easily expanded upon or even transported to other locations. With the hot weather and sunny sky of Southern Vietnam, the solar energy is a viable solution that can provide clean energy for the building and reduce energy cost for building operation. With this energy solution, solar energy system is installed on the office roof. Wind power Harnessing power from the wind is one of the cleanest and most sustainable ways to generate electricity as it produces no toxic pollution or global warming emissions. Wind is also abundant, inexhaustible, and affordable, which makes it a viable and large-scale alternative to fossil fuels. With wide open space and tropical climate, using wind and solar power at the ATAD office is very suitable. Therefore, ATAD has applied outdoor lighting powered by solar and wind energy - the emerging trend in construction. Wind solar hybrid outdoor lighting is an intelligent and complete stand-alone national grid system. Composed of solar modules and small wind turbine, deep cycle batteries, controller and one lights, this hybrid system harvests energy from both wind and solar and store it in deep cycle batteries to power outdoor lights during night. Using a combination of wind & solar resources the system will provides a stable and constant flow of power to power the outdoor lighting. The major advantage of wind solar hybrid outdoor lighting system is that when solar and wind power production are used together, the reliability of the system is enhanced. Additionally, the size of battery storage can be reduced slightly as there is less reliance on one method of power production. Often, when there is no sun, there is plenty of wind. Wind speeds are often low in periods (noon time & summer) when the sun resources are at their best. On the other hand, the wind is often stronger in periods (evening time & spring, winter) when there are less sun resources. Another advantage is the system could last twenty years and require just an annual maintenance check-up, bar natural disasters or accidents. About the lights, we use the smart LED street lighting which is a cost-effective and sustainable choice for outdoor lighting. The LED system is turned off by an automatic controller with an average lighting time of 8-10 hours per day. Advantages Compare with Solar Street Lighting: Longer applicable periods: hybrid system offers a much better reliability and sustainability when used in the periods with less solar radiation level, especially for long rainy season. Longer battery life: normally wind turbine generates more power during night. Part of power generated will supply the light directly; part of power could charge the battery during night. So less charging and discharging loss from battery and also each battery charging cycle is prolonged. Easier installation & Maintenance:  The size of the battery is reduced so it is easy to install. The system requires just an annual maintenance check-up. Windy turbine specifications: Capacity 300W Rated power: 300W Rated voltage: 12V Rated diameter: 1.44m Start – up wind speed (m/s): 2 Cut-in wind speed (m/s): 3 Rated wind speed (m/s) : 9 Safety wind speed (m/s) : 35 Yawing type: Mechanical Rated rotating rate: 450 Free stand tower(mm): φ89xδ3.5x5.8m Conclusion The lighting system powered by solar and wind energy is truly a landmark feature of ATAD office project that confirms our commitment to bringing the most effective solutions for a green building. We hopefully encourage other companies and community to pursue energy-efficient business practices through generating clean energy and inspire people support green building trend.

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Solar panel system - ATAD Dong Nai factory







Solar panel system - ATAD Dong Nai office





Wind solar hybrid outdoor lighting - ATAD Dong Nai factory 4

屋外照明系统使用风能结合与太阳能是一个聪明的系统和完全独立与国家电网系统。本系统包括一个太阳能组件和风力发电机,深循环电池,控制器和一个LED电灯组成。这系统能收获太阳能量及风能量该混合系统从风能和太阳能收获能量,并将其存储在深循环电池中,以便夜间为户外灯供电。 使用风力和太阳能资源的组合,系统将为室外照明提供稳定和恒定的电力供应。

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风能太阳能混合的户外照明系统的主要优势在于,当太阳能和风力发电一起使用时,系统的可靠性得到提高。 另外,由于对电力生产的一种方法的依赖较少,所以电池存储的尺寸可以稍微减小。 通常,当没有太阳时,就有充足的风。 当太阳资源处于最佳状态时(中午和夏季),风速通常较低。 另一方面,在太阳资源较少的时段(晚上时间和春天,冬天)风力往往更强。 另一个好处是系统可以维持二十年,只需要每年进行一次维护检查,防护自然灾害或事故。

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更长的电池寿命:通常风力发电机在夜间产生更多的电力。一部分电源将直接用来照明; 另一部分电源可以在夜间为电池充电。 所以电池充电和放电损失较少,并且每个电池充电周期也会延长
更容易安装和维护:因电池尺寸减小所以安装简单。 本系统只需要每年进行一次维护检查。


容量 300W
额定功率: 300W
额定电压: 12V
标准直径: 1.44m
启动风速: 2
切入风速: 3
额定风速 : 9
安全风速 : 35
额定转速: 450
单独风塔尺寸: φ89xδ3.5×5.8m

Wind solar hybrid outdoor lighting - ATAD Dong Nai factory


使用太阳能和风能的照明系统是ATAD办公室项目的标志性特征,这也证实了我们为绿色建筑带来最有效的解决方案。 我们希望通过使用清洁能源,鼓励其他企业和社会共同追求有效地使用能量,激励人们支持绿色建筑的发展趋势。

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